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Spanish pvc roofing tile roof tile sprices color roof

Spanish pvc roofing tile roof tile sprices color roof

Business type
Foshan, GD, China
Target market
South America, Mid-East, Africa, Asia
Supply ability
Delivery time
3 to 10 work days
Loading port
Payment terms
T/T, L/C
Nude Packing or pallet packing, customized.
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Quantity Needed:
Overall Width: 930mm/1130mm
Color:: White , Bule , Green , Yellow , Red , Dark Green , or Customized
Length:: Customized

 3000 800

PVC Roof Sheet Advantages:

- PVC roof sheet's color could last for over 20 years and lifetime is 50 years.
- Volume stable even if the temperature changes.
- Good water resistant.
- Fire Proof.
- PVC Roof Sheet is light weight, bigger size per piece makes it easier to install!
- Corrosion resistant.
- Ease of replacing individual panel.
- No adhesive need.
- Higher load bearing performance.
- The PVC roof sheet is corrosion resistant.

Technical Data:

Heat-Resistance(72°c,6h)no deformatio,
no viscousness
High-low temperature change±0.11%
Cold-Resistance(-40 °c,6h) no crack in suirfaceFire-protectionClass B1 Retardant Building Materials
Bending capability25mmVicat softening temperature≥75°c
Flexural load800N, no crackWater absorption rate≤0.05%
Fleural strength72MPaNail force≥46N
Tensile strength30MPaChemical resistance propertiesNo reaction in salt, alkali(≤60%)







Production Process

 3 layer Heat Insulated UPVC Roof Sheet is manufactured based on 3 layer co-extrusion technology by one-time processing. It is  an ideal building material for construction projects with heat insulation requirement. The following is a list of the distinct features of each layer material.

 First layer:weather resistant resin is selected as the top layer material to block the solar ultraviolet radiation and reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity. It provides our UPVC roofing material with great durability and chemical corrosion resistance;

Second layer:the middle layer is a special foam structure with heat and sound insulation performances.

Third layer:the bottom layer of our heat insulated UPVC roof sheet adopts modified PVC material to offer optimum strength and rigidity.


installasa install

*Mind the sharp edge of the sheets in case of any injury.
*Please use a fine -toothed saw to cut the sheet.
*Do not fix screw sets too tight because the sheets will expand with heat and contract with cold. Otherwise, noise might occur when the sheet shrink due to low temperature.
*Screw sets must be fixed at the peak position of the sheets to avoid any leakage.
*The sheets must be installed starting from the opposite direction of local wind direction.
*Can drill hole with hand drill or power drill. When drilling, the sheet should be supported in the bottom side to prevent swaying, and the hole diameter should be 2.0mm bigger than screw. 



Q:1, What is your MOQ? 

A:1 meter. We perform excellent service for any customer no matter what the quantity is. 


Q:2, What is your delivery date?   

A:Normally 1 day, we have large stock in warehouse, generally we can deliver goods ithin one day except the super large quantity. 


Q:3, How about your design service? 

A:We have 3 after sale service teams including the design service. 


Q:4, What is the address of your factory? 

A:We are located at A Area,Lubao Industry Park,Sanshui District,Foshan,GD.China,528139


Q:5, What is your main products? 

A:Various synthetic resin roof tiles, ASA PVC wallpanels, hollow corrugated sheet, trapezoid tile and partition wall board, and its relative accessory parts.



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