3 Layers ASA Synthetic Resin Plastic Roof Tile

Business type:Manufacturer
Origin:Foshan, GD, China
Target market:South America, Mid-East, Africa, Asia
Supply ability:10000SQM/DAY
Delivery time:3 to 10 work days
Certificate:ISO, SGS ,FQM,MA,AL
Loading port:Sanshui/Shenzhen/GuangzhouGuangdong,China
Payment terms:T/T, L/C
Packing:Nude Packing or pallet packing, customized.

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is an excellent waterproof and new multifunctional building material which has been widely used in many countries .
It has a high level of sound absorption and heat insulation .
Synthetic Resin Roof Tile is also light-weight for easy installation , maintain and use .
In extreme weather or different climates,it is more reliable and durable than other traditional roofing material .


Anti-corrosion: It resists chemical corrosion and its life span is over 3 times longer than zinc panels
Water proof: 100% water proof Impact capacity: Resist impact, tensile and hardly breakable
Weather resistant: The UV agent mixing in the corrugated sheet, which can truly resist the damage of ultraviolet ray
Light weight: The weight is light, it can save other roofing material, then reduce the total cost
Impact capacity: Resist impact, tensile and hardly breakable
Beauty: It has rich and bright colors
Environment friendly: Contains no asbestos and no carcinogen released



Model T1050-160-30
Name Spanish tyoe ASA roof sheet
Size 1050mm wide, 80mm wave size, 219mm pitch, 30mm dep
Color Red, orange, brick red, green, blue
Surface ASA coated
HS code 392590000
Thickness 2.5mm
Weight 4.6kgs/sqm
Container loading quantity 5500sqm for 20 ft, 5800sqm for 40ft
warranty 30 years life warranty, 10 years warranty



The first layer(surface): Coating with ASA film, which render the sheet with great property of long using life span and long color lasting. And ASA materials have very distinguished performance at anti-UV, weather resistant and corrosion resistant. The second layer: The second layer is skeleton layer. This layer is consisted of PVC materials, which is very important at insulation and corrosion resistance function of the sheet. The bottom layer: The bottom layer is abrasion resistant. It enables sheet to be durable and tough.


1.Building roof structure with good quality steel or wooden
2.Set purlins line according requirement of the roof sheet installing standard
3.Cover main roof  piece by piece 
4.Gutter /flashing handling
5.Cover side roof