The Importance of Being Green

Now people's awareness of health is particularly important. A insulated and green roof enable us breathe fresh air at all times. A thermal insulation roof can not only beneficial to our health and reduce indoor temperature, but also is environmental friendly.

As a consumer, realizing the importance of insulated and green roof can not only save cost but also can beautify environment. At the same time, real estate enterprises can also improve the price of housing with such a roof, thereby increasing their profits.


Now let’s have a view of the benefits and development trends of thermal insulation tile:

1.     Roof greening can protect the top of the building and prevent the  
floor collapsing caused by thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon. What’s more, it can prevent the corrosion of acid rain on the building, reducing the weathering damage of building.

2.     Roof absorbing and accumulating a large number of solar radiation heat is one of the most important reasons for the formation of urban heat island effect. If  60% of the city's buildings have done roof greening, urban heat island effect will disappear. Because the roof green plants can absorb and digest the solar radiation heat

3.     Roof greening can absorb carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases and dust in the air, effectively reducing the amount of solid particles in the air. It plays an important role in purifying air and improving air quality.


Roof greening can be account for 30-50% green rate, solving the problem of low construction or plant green rate.



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