Long life Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet

Long life Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet
Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet
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Origin:Foshan, GD, China
Target market:South America, Mid-East, Africa, Asia
Supply ability:10000SQM/DAY
Delivery time:3 to 10 work days
Certificate:ISO, SGS ,FQM,MA,AL
Loading port:Sanshui/Shenzhen/GuangzhouGuangdong,China
Payment terms:T/T, L/C
Packing:Nude Packing or pallet packing, customized.


Long life Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet


Synthetic Resin Roof Sheet/ PVC sheets are light, colorful, have good strength and toughness and are durable. They are useful for decorative as well as heavy roofing applications. ASA synthetic resin tiles / PVC sheets give high strength to weight ratio due to their low density. This property offers greater flexibility and savings in the construction cost of the structure than traditional roof materials like easy rusty and heat absorption steel sheets ,fragile clay sheets and other roof materials.


Wavedepth 30mm Wavespace 160mm
Pitch 219mm Width 1050mm
Length Customizedbytimeof219mm Color ICustomized,orange,redandgraypopular
Surface ASAcoated Purlins 660mmstandard
Thickness 2.4-3.5mm Warranty 30yearsforlife,10yearsforcolor


-Long lasting                    
long life span and long color lasting

-Excellent insulating property
Heat insulating (2-5℃ lower ) and sound/ noise insulating (20 dB lower)

-Cost saving to 10 %
Quick installation, easy maintenance and excellent self-cleaning performance.

Excellent load bearing capacity , good impact resistance, outstanding tensile strength, Stable volume

Distinguished water proofing performance
low temperature and high temperature resistance
Anti acid, anti alkali, anti-UV, anti-aging, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant ( soaked in 60% acid and alkali condition for 24 hours with no reaction )


ASA synthetic resin tiles are manufactured adopting the latest materials of super weather resistant engineering resin ASA developed by World's top 500 companies SABIC, composed by one process with the advanced multiple layer co-extrusion technology.


The first layer(surface): Coating with ASA film, which render the sheet with great property of long using life span and long color lasting. And ASA materials have very distinguished performance at anti-UV, weather resistant and corrosion resistant.
The second layer: The second layer is skeleton layer. This layer is consisted of PVC materials, which is very important at insulation and corrosion resistance function of the sheet.
The bottom layer: The bottom layer is abrasion resistant. It enables sheet to be durable and tough.


ASA synthetic resin tiles / PVC sheets are the preferred choice for a variety of applications in residential, industrial and commercial construction.

-Residential construction: villas, gardens, mobile houses, swimming pool roof covering, carports, sheds for livestock, canopy, garage, pet house, poultry house, patios, etc.
-Industrial construction: foundry, power stations, printing & dying plants, mining woks, ceramic workshops, warehouses, food and pharmaceutical industries, plants, green houses, building lightings, sound-insulation walls and advertising boxes etc.
-Commercial construction: hotels, tourism places, antique buildings like temples, public utilities like train stations, bus stations, bus stops, airports, outdoor gyms, hospitals, schools, parking lots


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