Waterproof PVC Gutter

PVC Gutter
Business type:Manufacturer
Origin:Foshan, GD, China
Target market:South America, Mid-East, Africa, Asia
Supply ability:10000SQM/DAY
Delivery time:3 to 15 days
Certificate:ISO, SGS ,FQM,MA,AL
Loading port:Sanshui/ Shenzhen/Guangzhou Guangdong, China
Payment terms:T/T, L/C,
Packing:Nude Packing or pallet packing, customized.


PVC Gutter


SPECIFICATION: (wide*depth*thickness)   

type product Upper size Bottom size depth thickness length
small PVC gutter 200mm 150mm 160mm 6mm 6000mm
middle PVC gutter 260mm 200mm 200mm 6mm 6000mm
big PVC gutter 350mm 250mm 280mm 6mm 6000mm


1. When installing the gutter, the bottom support must be steel frame with sufficient force. The bottom frame needs to be a straight line and there is a bearing support at per 1.5 meters -1.8 meters. The sides of the gutter must be protected by iron frame.
2. The ends of the connection points or the connecting ports of the flume should be supported by supporting frames.
3. Do not make any hole drainage in any part of the sink which will affect the service life of the gutter. We should use special drainage fittings and water pipes connected with the sewer.
4. The drainage outlet must be enough. It is recommended to set up a drainage outlet every 6 meters.
5. The external temperature changes greatly. In order to prevent the heat and cold contraction, it is suggested that the length of the whole sink should not exceed 18 meters. If it must be exceeded, it must be segmented.