PVC Three Layer Insulated Roof Tile

PVC Three Layer Insulated Roof Tile
Business type: Manufacturer
Origin: Foshan, GD, China
Target market: South America, Mid-East, Africa, Asia
Grade: A,B,C,D
MOQ: 200 SQM
Supply ability: 10000SQM/DAY
Delivery time: 3 to 15 days
Certificate: ISO, SGS ,FQM,MA,AL
Loading port: Sanshui/ Shenzhen/Guangzhou Guangdong, China
Payment terms: T/T, L/C,
Packing: Nude Packing or pallet packing, customized.

PVC Three Layer Insulated Roof Tile

PVC’s abrasion resistance, light weight, good mechanical strength and toughness are key technical advantages for its use in building and construction applications. PVC can be cut, shaped, welded and joined easily in a variety of styles. Its light weight reduces manual handling difficulties. And that is one of the important factor for PVC roof sheet’ constantly taking up the roofing market in recent years. After years of development, now PVC roof sheet has its fame to be the most popular option to cover a variety of roof top.

Features :

  • Anti-corrosion:It resists chemical corrosion and its life span is over 3 times longer than zinc panels
  • Water proof:100% water proof Impact capacity: Resist impact, tensile and hardly breakable
  • Weather resistant:The UV agent mixing in the corrugated sheet, which can truly resist the damage of ultraviolet ray
  • Light weight:The weight is light, it can save other roofing material, then reduce the total cost
  • Impact capacity:Resist impact, tensile and hardly breakable
  • Beauty:It has rich and bright colors
  • Environment friendly:Contains no asbestos and no carcinogen released

1.Advantages of pvc roof sheet

The advantage of the PVC roofing sheet is the translucency of the panels.They allow daylight to enter through them. If cost is a factor, PVC roof sheet is a cheaper alternative to sheet metal. PVC panel will block out the heat from the sun much more effectively than sheet metal, which will act like a radiator.


3 layer PVC roof sheet is made by the production processing technology called co-extrusion. Due to this processing, the roof sheet can offer multiple functions, with each layer has its special feature.

The first layer: also surface layer is make of high quality PVC which can greatly against damage from weather change, corrosion, chemical toxin and so on. This layer can prevent the sheet from getting yellow, aging, split, etc to a great degree.
The second layer: is a very important layer to the forming of the shape. Meanwhile, with harmless materials like heat resistant additional, the sheet can reduce the absorption of sunlight, sound and so on.
The bottom layer: is abrasion resistant layer. It can ensure the toughness and strength of the sheet to fight against impact from the environment so that to make the sheet work long.

3.Color options


PVC roof sheet is the most popular among customers because of its good features and competitive price. They are widely used in carport, depot, gazebo, warehouse, wall cladding, farm land, airport, station...