4*HQ Synthetic Resin Roofing Sheet Deliver To UK

3 layer Heat Insulated UPVC Roof Sheet is manufactured based on 3 layer co-extrusion technology by one-time processing. It is  an ideal building material for construction projects with heat insulation requirement. The following is a list of the distinct features of each layer material. First layer:weather resistant resin is selected as the top layer material to block the solar ultraviolet radiation and reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity. It provides our UPVC roofing material with great durability and chemical corrosion resistance; Second layer:the middle layer is a special foam structure with heat and sound insulation performances. Third layer:the bottom layer of our heat insulated UPVC roof sheet adopts modified PVC material to offer optimum strength and rigidity. Advantages of pvc wall panel 1.save cost 2. Loading bearing: It can load 150 kg per square meter evenly;  3. Light weight: 5-6.0kg/square meter;  4. Water resistance: 100%;  5. Fire resistance: Self-extinguish off fire;  6. Anti corrosion;  7. Impact resistance and low temperature resistance;  8. Sound and heat insulation;  9. Small Thermal expansivity;  10. Environmental frendly and energy conservation;  11. light weight,easy to install  

The 125th Canton Fair was acomplete success

China Import and Export Fair is the Guangzhou Trade Fair, referred to as the Canton Fair! It is the comprehensive international trade event in China with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete variety of goods, the largest number of merchants and the best deal. The 125th Canton Fair Exhibition time: April 15 - 19, 2019 Exhibition Hall Address: Pazhou Complex, No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou Booth: L28, Hall 10.2, Area B, Pazhou Complex Ingenious manufacturing, professional new roof tile manufacturer: Yuehao - your best choice! Professional R & D, production and sales, ASA synthetic resin tile, ASA anti-aging multi-layer tile, APVC engineering weather-resistant tile, PVC multi-layer anti-corrosion insulation and other series of environmentally friendly energy-saving products. Yuehao has been pursuing the long-term development of the company with the "brand management ideas". In the process of growth, it has always been based on the principle of "good faith" and "intimate service" to look to the future. Through several years of hard work, we have achieved unanimous praise in the industry in terms of product innovation and quality improvement, and won many recognitions from government departments. Yuehao will continue to achieve new heights as always, and lead the company in the industry with excellent quality: constantly leap forward, just to do better!    

We'll awaiting you in 125th Canton Fair

In 125th Canton Fair,we will see enthusiasm,creativity,cooperation and dear YOU! We'll awaiting you at L28,Hall 10.2,Area B What is Canton Fair? Canton Fair(China Import and Export Fair) is the largest trade fair with the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the broadest distribution of overseas buyers and the greatest business turnover held in Guangzhou(Canton) China. More than 25,000 exhibitors, about 200,000 buyers(124th press released) will attend the fair at the China Import and Export Complex Guangzhou China twice a year. 

We are on work from Chinese New Year holiday

Dear customers HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR After a happy Spring Festival holiday, our company officially started construction today, and all the work was carried out as usual. In the new year, our company will provide more perfect and high-quality services for our customers. Here, the company is grateful to all the customers who have always supported, paid attention to, and understood our customers and friends.  

How to install UPVC roof sheet?

——Installation of PVC corrugated roof sheet—— Cutting tools Angle grinder: The fastest option. Wear hearing and eye protection. Paint or prime cut edges to prevent rust. Circular saw: Slower than angle grinder, but follow same instructions. Use a metal blade and expect it to wear quickly. Nibbler: Effective if rated for the right metal and gauge. Tin Snips: Slow but safe. Wear work gloves and find the longest pair you can.               1. Install trusses and purlins with good quality materials. It can be high quality wooden, metal or stainless steel. The distance of trusses and purlins should be conformed to standard of supplier’s instruction. 2. Install the panels. Place them directly onto purlins that are attached to the roof trusses, beginning on the outside edge. Close or seal off the ends with a wood or plastic strip under the panel at each end. These will stop the entry of rain, wind and pests.   3. Pre-drill holes on the ridges. Use a proper drill bit.     4. Screw down the panels. Continue across the roof until it is completely covered, lapping over the previous panel by two wave (about 125mm) for corrugated type PVC sheet (at least 63mm minimum) and one wave for trapezoidal type roof sheet . Adjust the lap so that the last panel completes the coverage without making a cut lengthwise.     5. Complete the opposite side. If your roof is two-sided (and not just a single slope), repeat the installation on the other side of the roof, and install a corrugated ridge cap as you proceed across with the panels.     Cautions *The purlins support the panels. If you are placing PVC sheets over an existing roof, you still use purlins. The purlins not only give you something other than the existing roof to accept the roof sheet fasteners, they also create an airspace between the roof sheets and the existing roof. Without the purlins, the roof sheets would sit directly on the existing roof, you would get moisture building up under the roof sheets. *Roofs aren't for standing on. There's a good chance you'll damage a corrugated roof by standing on it. Therefore, when installing PVC roof sheet, we’d better step on the position where supported by purlins or trusses. *On a corrugated roof, always fix at the top of the ridge to minimize the run -in of moisture. *Do not drill holes for the screws in the valley of the ridges to prevent leaks. Summery *To install corrugated roofing, start by cutting your panels to length with an angle grinder. *Next, pre-drill holes on the end and side ridges of the panels, spacing the holes 6 to 8 inches apart. *Beginning at the outside edge of your roof, place each panel directly onto the purlins that are attached to the roof trusses. *Screw down the panels using the pre-drilled holes, then continue across the roof until it is completely covered.

The thinking of innovation

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the development of human society. Those Who rejects change and innovation will fall behind the times and will be eliminated by history.  Innovation is the first driving force for development. Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, an inexhaustible motive force for a country's prosperity, and the deepest national endowment of a nation. Reform is the ignition system that ignites the engine of technological innovation. If science and technology innovation is likened to the new engine of development, then reform is the ignition system necessary to ignite this new engine. We must take more effective measures to improve the ignition system and launch the new engine driven by innovation at full speed. Comprehensive national strength competition is ultimately an innovative competition. It is necessary to deepen the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, promote technological innovation, industrial innovation, enterprise innovation, market innovation, product innovation, business innovation, management innovation, etc., and accelerate the formation of an economic system and development model with innovation as the main leading and supporting. The driving force for the long-term development of the world economy is innovation. Summarizing historical experience, we will find that the vitality and creativity released by the institutional mechanism reform, and the new industries and new products created by scientific and technological progress are the foundations for the world economy to emerge from the predicament and achieve recovery after major crises.  

The Importance of Being Green

Now people's awareness of health is particularly important. A insulated and green roof enable us breathe fresh air at all times. A thermal insulation roof can not only beneficial to our health and reduce indoor temperature, but also is environmental friendly. As a consumer, realizing the importance of insulated and green roof can not only save cost but also can beautify environment. At the same time, real estate enterprises can also improve the price of housing with such a roof, thereby increasing their profits.     Now let’s have a view of the benefits and development trends of thermal insulation tile: 1.     Roof greening can protect the top of the building and prevent the   floor collapsing caused by thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon. What’s more, it can prevent the corrosion of acid rain on the building, reducing the weathering damage of building. 2.     Roof absorbing and accumulating a large number of solar radiation heat is one of the most important reasons for the formation of urban heat island effect. If  60% of the city's buildings have done roof greening, urban heat island effect will disappear. Because the roof green plants can absorb and digest the solar radiation heat 3.     Roof greening can absorb carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other gases and dust in the air, effectively reducing the amount of solid particles in the air. It plays an important role in purifying air and improving air quality.     Roof greening can be account for 30-50% green rate, solving the problem of low construction or plant green rate.  

Advantage of Outstanding ASA Synthetic Resin Tile

Chemical building materials is one of the new building materials advocated and promoted by the State. Now the well spoken "synthetic resin tile-flat-slope" Engineering project has selected some excellent programs. These schemes share a common characteristic, that is, it is not only innovative model and bright colors of the house that matter, but good going with the surrounding environment as a whole. Materials for "Synthetic resin tile flat to slope" engineering project, of which asphalt fiberglass tile, linoleum tile, asphalt Gegois, synthetic resin tile and other materials as the major, have a good sealing and energy-saving efficiency, enabling the long-term annoying problem of rain leakage of residential house can be solved.   In many categories of chemical building materials, environmental protection and super weather-resistant synthetic resin tile &PVC wave tile/plate products occupy a prominent position thanks to the quality of the products with light insulation, corrosion resistant, maintenance-free, easy to produce, easy to install and affordable and so on, widely used in warehouses, public buildings, fairs, simple housing and other fields.  

Lead you to a world of green plastic roof

Plastic tile for building has a waveform in transverse section, and the body is composed of 2-3 layers, at least one layer is a plastic layer, one outer layer is flame retardant coating. The transverse cross-section of the plastic tile is wavy or trapezoidal waveform.   Plastic tile is composed of 2-3 layers; the upper layer is a plastic layer with thickness of 1.0-2.0mm and the lower layer is flame retardant coating with thickness of 0.2-1.0mm.   Plastic tile overcomes the deficiencies of asbestos. It bears functions like no leakage, not easy to damage, long service life, not easy to deformation, water resistant, sunscreen, not easy to rupture, low production costs, lower price, renewable due to the fully integration of  waste plastics, beneficial to the environment and has the promotion value.   The surface of multi-functional composite plastic tile with floating point is ASA materials. And by floating point processing, it can improve the weather resistant performance of products, increasing beauty and weatherability. It can also increase the strength of the product. The second and is PVC material, adding FRP to increase strength and fire proofing performance. The third layer using PVC foam technology reduce the density of products, improving the insulation performance of products.   A plastic tile having a colored polymer on the surface is composed of a base material and a composite layer, and the base material is a PVC engineering plastic, and the composite layer is a colored ASA polymer. The thickness of the composite layer is 0.2-0.5 mm. Plastic tile has excellent weathering resistance and anti-aging performance compared with other tiles at present, and has high load capacity and impact strength, which is light in weight and is convenient for construction and installation.


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